Henrietta Lampkin - Elsa's Organic Skin Foods

How would you describe your business/brand?

Elsa's Organic Skin Foods create premium natural personal care products. We sell award-winning natural deodorants that are great for tweens, teens, adults and anyone with sensitive skin. They are suitable for vegans as they don’t contain beeswax or any other animal ingredients.

What inspired you to set it up?

Elsa is my mum, a life-long advocate of healthy living. She’s been creating and developing small batch artisan skin-care for decades. I am Henrietta, Elsa’s daughter. When my eldest daughter started to come home from school in her tweens, well shall we say.…less than fragrant, I was dead set against her rolling/spraying harsh chemicals under her armpits. Armpits; a sensitive body area so close to her lymph nodes, breasts and heart needs very special care. After hunting for effective natural deodorants on the market and not wanting my daughters to use harsh conventional ingredients, I began making basic deodorant creams with ingredients from my kitchen cupboards. As the brand establishes, new innovative oral wellness and CBD product lines will be added to the brand family.

What do you enjoy about your work most?

I never tire of experimenting with new botanicals and actives.  Formulating effective new and innovative personal care solutions is my passion and am very privileged that now it is my life’s work. I also really enjoy the positive feedback we get from brand new and existing customers.

What are you most proud of? 

Raising a family and building and launching a brand from scratch. It makes me very happy to see how the brand has grown organically driven by great formulations not costly marketing.

What does natural beauty mean to you?  

Beyond having the beautiful face and body, natural beauty is most definitely skin deep. Our bodies were not designed to have hundreds of synthetic ingredients smeared or sprayed on. Put simply, our body ingests them. There are so many naturally beautiful sustainable ingredients from diverse foods & earth minerals. To me natural beauty is the combination of holistic wellness from the inside out, so eating and drinking the most natural nutrient dense foods and using products with ingredients as close to nature as possible, whether they are wild harvested or organic certified.  Also natural beauty today has to be made with the environment in mind now more than ever.

What makes you glow? 

Happiness is the number one thing that makes me glow from within.  Beyond that a great exfoliator and steam bath!      

What is your self-care ritual? 

Taking regular salt baths (magnesium flakes are the best) with essential oils, dry brushing and a simple effective daily skin care ritual; the classic cleansing , toning, moisturising and a quick spray of favourite perfume. Even if you can take a few minutes of your day off and give yourself that clam and restoring self-care treats can work wonders in this fast-paced changing world.

Why Elan Skincare?

I know the products were specifically formulated for women with premium, natural and highly effective ingredients. My Dream Vitamin C Serum and my Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster are part of my daily skincare ritual. These two beauties instantly nourish my skin and literally last for ages.Elsa's Deodorant Family