The Founder

Joanna Silva, the founder of Elan Skincare, lives in Greenwich, London with her young family. With almost a decade of experience in the medical industry – in wound care, infection prevention and specifically in skincare, she learned a vast amount about skin. She embarked on the Elan Skincare journey in 2017 with a clear vision of creating an honest and transparent skincare brand, with strong foundations in science, nature and art. There is an art to how you combine science and natural ingredients to create the beautiful, yet effective product. And it is art that can inspire the mind. Joanna focused on the art of beauty, aiming to show how her skincare can make us feel from their beautiful scents, fine quality and the transforming effects they have on our skin. Having beautiful skin makes us confident. When we are confident, we go for our dreams.

"Elan Skincare is a truly feminine brand, made by women for women. At the end of the day, we face the same challenges of balancing work, family, love and finding a little bit of space for our dreams and pursuits. I strongly believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I wish all of us women the confidence and belief in our dreams and ourselves.”
With love,
Joanna Silva


The picture of Joanna Silva, the founder of Elan Skincare