Thank you for your interest in Elan Skincare. We have always endeavoured to respond to all messages personally; however, the volume of product and collaboration requests we are receiving means this is no longer possible.

Elan Skincare is more than just a skincare brand; we are a way of life. We are passionate about ethical beauty, women's welfare, sustainability, and the environment. We love to collaborate with like-minded people and are keen to discover and support fellow creatives.

Photographers - please send us your social media/website links or portfolios, and a proposal for the collaboration. We love working with extraordinary talent, and so far, we have collaborated with:

1) Showy LDN

2) Bruna Balodis

3) Brand Studio

3) Kasia Wojtylak 

4) Azandria Freschet

5) Helen Little -

PR agencies - We are not looking at any representation at present but will update the site if this changes.

Bloggers/Influencers - it's important to us that anyone wanting to support Elan Skincare shares our ethos and engages with us on social media. Many of our supporters start off as customers who genuinely love our products, and this is our preferred way of working. We send samples with each order to enable you to try our fantastic range of products.


Q. I have a big following on Instagram/Tik Tok would you like to sponsor me?

A. We do not sponsor any social influencers, bloggers, irrespective of the following.

Q. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out directly, but I wanted to ask if you ever send out any products or PR packages for Elan Skincare.

A. We do not send out free products unless what you do really aligns with our values, you have engaged with us on social media way prior to sending your request and you follow us. We do participate in charity fund-raising initiatives that focus on supporting women and the environment, so if you are organising one, we want to hear from you.

The map of Australia with beauty brand logos  including Elan Skincare logo

Q. A friend of mine has recommended some of your products to me but I am not sure what will work best for me because I have sensitive skin. I would really appreciate if you could send me some free samples or a PR box to see how they work for my skin before I buy them. 

A. For sensitive skin we recommend the following, fragrance-free products:

  1. Soothing & deeply moisturising organic Whisper Face Serum
  2. Super hydrating, silky-textured gel Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum
  3. Brightening, lifting and firming Dream Eye Renewal Serum

We look forward to engaging with you all on social media, and thank you for your interest and support.

Much love Joanna & Elan Team x