Welcome to ELAN, where science meets nature to create holistic skincare that cares for both your skin and overall well-being. Our skincare range is designed to embody the essence of "less is more". At Elan, we mirror the simplicity and purity of wholesome, unprocessed food – ingredients that are gentle, nourishing, and kind to your skin. Our formulations are dermatologically tested and provide results that speak volumes. Our entire range is vegan, reflecting our commitment to cruelty-free practices and sustainable beauty. Here, at Elan, you'll find more than just skincare – it's a journey of self-love and empowerment. Because at Elan, we know that true power comes from embracing and celebrating what makes you, YOU.

Elan Skincare - Mama Baby Awards Winner 2018
Elan Skincare - Beauty Shortlist Editors Choice 2019
Elan Skincare - The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards Best Buy 2020
Elan Skincare - Best New Vegan Beauty Product
Elan Skincare - Beauty Bible Gold Awards 2020
Elan Skincare - Beauty Bible Award 2021
Elan Skincare - Beauty Bible Natural Best Awards 2021
Elan Skincare - Beauty Bible Award 2022
Elan Skincare - Health Wellbeing Award 2022


When you look at your hands, what do you see? How do they feel to the touch? Do your nails look healthy and strong? And what about your cuticles? Our hands often tell the story of time the most. Sun exposure, frequent washing, and daily wear and tear accelerate the ageing process. If you want to minimise the signs of ageing and keep your hands looking youthful, feeling soft, and smooth, dive into our complete hand and nail care routine.