Feel the magic of Dream ...


Once upon a time in a dry & dusty land lived a young boy called BiB. Actually wait, let’s back up! You see BiBland hadn’t always been this arid🌵. No! Life had been good for many a year - a happy time full of facials, martinis & moistness🍸. That was until an evil travelling magician, TEWL-the dehydrated, passed through one fateful day & jealous of the locals’ plumptious skins unleashed a terrible curse banishing all water, cruelly leaving behind only parched peas & papery faces - shudder😱.

📖 So back to the story! Young BiB was out one moistureless sunny day in search of anything to quench that bone dry skin when he saw a quaint little cottage up ahead, ‘mmm I’ve not seen this place before’ he pondered, crunching down the path he arrived at the little thatched hut and noticed a sign over the entrance which read “the Elan residence”, ‘master potion maker’. Striding up to the front door, he took hold of the brass knocker and walked straight in, cos that’s what people do in these stories.

🏡The cottage appeared to be empty so BiB set about having a good old nose! It was full of bottles of all sizes brimming with colourful liquids alongside beautiful bunches of fragrant herbs and spices hung from its beams. In Each room he entered he noticed something curious, there were three of everything, three chairs increasing in size, 🛌 three beds again one small, one medium and one large and three dressing tables, more curious & curious!

He ran to the first of these tables and found three serums nestled there. He quickly slathered them on but they frothed and bubbled and failed to sink in, too ordinary he thought. He rushed to the next table and grabbed at those tiny bottles but these were thin & sticky – urgh, thought bib, I may as well rub snails on my face🐌.

So finally he came to the third dressing table where three beautiful bottles sat glistening in the sunlight✨. He lifted them one by one and read from gorgeous labels: the Dream Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C collection. His eyes lit up as he hurriedly applied each silky lotion to his thirsty face. Minutes passed then suddenly BiB began to feel a strange sensation, his skin began to moisten! 

In fact, it was as though a sponge, long dried out in the sun, had been dipped into a bucket of iced cold water. No longer was his face cracked and dull, but transformed, gloriously dewy and full of hydration. Whoever this Elan master potion maker is thought BiB, she is the true magician here! – and with that, he climbed into one of the comfy little beds tired of his adventure, to dream of waterfalls and plump healthy skin …


Story – Richard Davies aka        https://www.instagram.com/boy_into_beauty/

(We love storytelling, so thank you, Richard, for this lovely surprise.)


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