24k Gold Infused Skincare


Do you include your neck in your skincare routine? Many of us (one in three) neglect this delicate area. Could you dedicate one minute a day to look after your neck and chest? Why? The skin on our neck and décolletage is much thinner than that on our face, making it more vulnerable to damage and loss of elasticity. We use our mobile phones more frequently and looking down constantly at screens means that ‘tech neck’ wrinkles affect all ages, not just more mature skin.

neck cream applied by a woman on her neck

And so to the rescue comes Imagine Gold The Neck & Décolleté Concentrate, our latest offering. A luxurious, golden balm that is a decadent feast for the senses. And when I say golden, we are talking actual real 24k gold! However, the gold is not just there for the bling; it has proven moisturising properties and adds radiance to tired-looking skin. Long known as an ancient beauty secret, Queen Cleopatra used gold daily in her legendary beauty routine. 

Imagine Gold also contains oats, another natural beauty ingredient beloved by ancient Egyptians that has stood the test of time in skincare. The formula includes Arctic oat extract as well as oat kernel oil rich in ceramides - the ultimate skin soother that repairs and replenishes dry and delicate skin. 

More skin-loving comes from squalane, considered to be a perfect match for nearly all skin types as its structure is so similar to the sebum our skin naturally produces. Softening, soothing, and keeping skin hydrated, this light lipid helps the balm gently veil the skin with silky moisture without any greasiness. 

Packed with powerful and potent botanical treasures, you only need a pea-sized amount of Imagine Gold, so a little goes a long way. Prepare for skincare seduction as the delectable, buttery texture melts on to your skin. For an even more sensual experience, warm the balm very gently, watching the mesmerising swirls as the butter becomes molten like luscious liquid gold. It quickly sinks into your skin, leaving it feeling like velvet. 

Jasmine flower

Be sure to breathe in the enchanting scent, which blends the headiness of jasmine (often called the Queen of flowers) with tropical gardenia, enrobed in creamy oats and cocoa butter. You might be stuck at home, but your mind will be drifting away to an exotic escape. Lingering softly on the skin, even those not usually drawn to white florals will be enticed by the calming aroma. 

Take your time, don’t rush and indulge in the ritual of pampering your inner goddess with your little pot of Imagine Gold. This is your moment of self-care.


Cover photo - Ramez E. Nassif

Product Photography - Bruna Balodis Photography 

Flower photo - Bibi Pace