NADIRA V PERSAUD - International Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert and Author

How would you describe what you do?

I thought this not too long ago because the title Makeup Artist has so many other meanings these days. I’d like to consider myself a ‘Creative Director’ because not only do I do makeup and hair for photoshoots, TV ads, and advertising. In addition, I produce my beauty shoots, and I’ve recently curated a beauty, wellness and style event in London and collaborate with beauty brands and individuals, big and small, on live interactive beauty events centring around wellness, self-care and menopause.  As well as this, I do bespoke beauty sessions by guiding individuals and groups through a look while focusing on giving them hints and tips to achieve makeup looks. 

There is so much more…

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

My strength in art drove me to apply at the prestigious London College of Fashion, and the training helped me to utilise my love of popular culture, history, current affairs, art, theatre, TV and film, fashion and beauty, which could all be realised as a Makeup Artist.  

Last year you published a book, can you tell us a bit more about it?

Since a teen, I have followed skincare routines using pressure techniques to relieve tension and apply the product. So the opportunity to share these exercises whilst the UK market was steadily growing more understanding of the importance of skin health seemed good timing. I worked on almost 90 exercises in varying styles at the beginner level, helped along with beautiful illustrations.

Face workouts for Beginners, book

What tips for women do you have for achieving a radiant look?

Pay attention to your skin and what you use on it. Avoid using harsh cleansers and do not seek for skin to be squeaky clean; this will disrupt the balance of natural oils in the skin. Do switch up skincare from winter to summer as some formulations can be too rich and cause clogged pores. Finally, too many steps in your routine can overcomplicate matters as skin suffers and can appear dull.

What does well-being mean to you?

Well-being is one aspect of my life that helps me become more whole and centred as a person.  By permitting myself to take care of myself, I can find wellness in watching TV with my feet up, breathing exercises on the bus, deciding to walk rather than use a mode of transport or follow a deep cleansing routine.  Those moments of checking in with ourselves are vital in improving mental health too!

What is your self-care ritual?

I don’t know that I follow a routine per see, but most mornings, I make sure I do some form of exercise, from yoga to a full-body workout. This ultimately makes me feel good and steers my health in the right direction.  If I skip my fitness routine, I might have 5 minutes to stand on my power plate machine, which is invigorating. I also love to dry body brush to activate the lymph glands, which help me feel energised.

Why Elan Skincare?

Elan Skincare oozes integrity. The charm regarding independent brands, is that they have the advantage to forge loyal connections with their customers, in their own voice knowing this can evolve over time. My eyes are on Elan Skincare! 


*The beauty shots photographed by Karan Kapoor

* Nadira V Persaud photographed by Alisa Connan