Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - New Alternative

At Elan Skincare, not only do we want to help improve your skin, but we also strive to do the same for your wellbeing. In January, we released aromatherapy shower steamers that were doing amazingly well; however, this is also an understatement. We could not keep up with the production as the shower steamers are all handmade. After struggling to keep the pace of all the orders and long hours of production, Joanna – Elan’s founder came to the realisation that this type of aromatherapy can be made differently without taking away its effectiveness or purpose.
As a result, we've launched JUST ROCK Himalayan Salt Crystals, to which you can add a choice of two different essential oils blends - JUST BREATHE or JUST SLEEP. By adding 2-3 drops of the essential oils blend to these crystals, you get the same benefits as a shower steamer, as well as lasting a longer amount of time as they can be enclosed in the glass jar that the crystals come in. This keeps the scent of the oils inside for you to inhale as and when you need it.

This is an aromatherapy product, so we also encourage mindfulness as they intertwine with each other. We have decided to use two different colours to represent each essential oil blend, in conjunction with how they would make you feel. As an example, in meditation, there is a method people use to improve their wellbeing, called colour breathing. If you are feeling unmotivated or putting yourself down, it is recommended to imagine the colour violet and imagine it becoming a part of you essentially, and so this is the colour of the JUST ROCK sound waves. With the smell of our essential oil blends and the mindfulness method, you are bound to feel much better.

Just Rock Sound Wave from Elan Skincare

We have chosen JUST SLEEP as a blue colour as it is the main representation of relaxation and peace. If you feel as though you need to relax and unwind, the colour blue would be the colour to envision when you are breathing in and then envisioning all the stress of the day leaving your body once you breathe out. If you struggle to get into this zone usually, the lavender scent of this blend is also a massive help.


Last but certainly not least is our original, which is JUST BREATHE. We have chosen green as it is the colour of healing. Most people, when they see green, think of nature, and where better than to just breathe. If you feel as though your mind is clouded or you need to slow down both physically and mentally, then take a deep breath and imagine the colour green waving over you or spreading throughout your body. Then breathe out and let the unnecessary worries and thoughts release themselves.

Just breathe energy wave from Elan Skincare


In addition to the colours, we have chosen to add different frequency waves to go with the names of our essential oil blends, which have been shown above. We have made each wave represent the idea behind each blend.